Weekly Review Post #1- Sites I’m using!

Okay, so I have signed up with a few sites.

Here are the sites I have signed up with first, if you want to check them out and sign up yourself

DISCLAIMER- I have received free/reduced price products from these sites, but all opinions are my own! I would never recommend something I wouldn’t personally use. THANK YOU!

Smiley 360 use my widget

Pinchme sign up here

Influenster- use my widget 🙂

I am currently about to receive a box from both pinchme and smiley360. One of them is a teething box which I am SO excited for! One of them is a teething box, and I know for a fact that will come in handy! Baby G should be getting some more teeth soon! I can’t believe it!

The other box is going to have lotion, pantyliners, flossers, and some body wash. I’m pretty excited for that one too. I have a lotion obsession, so I’m hoping I’ll really like it. Those are going to be my next two review blogs. I hope you all like these. Also, I will be doing some videos too. If I start a YouTube channel, I’ll be sure and link it on here so you can follow my reviews as well.

Thank you for reading!

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